Sunday, October 9, 2011

On a Boat / Home

Not for those with sensitive ears:

I've been kayaking a bit for the past few weeks now, and have remembered just how enjoyable it is.

Today, I paddled agonizingly against the current for 70 minutes up to Graceville, ran to the netball courts, played some touch footy, then went to Zander's for the game.

Launched back into the river as the sun was setting, presiding over the copper-glass surface of the Brisbane. Those who call our city's river disgusting obviously haven't seen it in this context.

Although this deserves its own post, I returned to Mount Cootha on Friday, taking my first steps on her trails in just shy of six weeks. It did not feel physically comfortable due to the persistently-dead quads and weakish calves, but it certainly felt mentally/emotionally/spiritually so.

Niggles persist, but self-massage, strengthening and stretching are doing the trick.

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