Monday, October 3, 2011

Somewhat Running

Thursday - 8km including 6km barefoot: along the river,
Friday - 8km barefoot: along the river, 1:20 canoe,
Saturday -
AM - 8km barefoot: along the beach at Tweed with Caine,
PM - 40 minutes of beach footy with a large amount of sprinting,
Sunday - 20km cycle,
Monday - 8.5km including 6.5km barefoot: along the river, 1:00 canoe,
Tuesday - 35 minutes steep trail, 1hr canoe, strength session.
Edit: Wednesday - 8km with 100m vert including 3.5km barefoot.

Bit of a hamstring issue, bit of a quad issue.
Not sure if we're yet moving in the right direction, but I'll keep plodding along, patiently stretching, strengthening and correcting imbalances until it turns good.

The main problem at the moment is that to get to and from sweet trails I need to cycle 18km, and the quads aren't quite yet up to handling that plus running on a consistent basis.
So today (Tuesday) I went to the 100m by 100m piece of bush on the river and just ran/climbed up and down the hillside, off and on trail. Even that was wildly enjoyable and a huge mood-booster.

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