Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Courage and floating

I've made my decision, all I need now is the courage to act it out.

Recently, the blog posts seem to have been coming with two topics/themes/days/events, so I thought I'd continue the trend.

In running news, had a good 1:50 with 550m vert on Cootha this morning.
After cranking it out on the longest route to the top, I started to feel good, so put in some quicker climbs and descents, including an all-running ascent of the Summit trail (40% grade in places). Decided to head back to the bike after 1:10, I bumped into Tymeka and a friend from the academy, so put in one last uphill to the lookout.

I've started to run hard on the downhills, "floating" them where possible. It's much more enjoyable and in some ways less fatiguing than running slowly on the forefoot, pitter-pattering down.

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