Monday, November 28, 2011


8am yesterday: 1hr up ad down Cootha. Felt like death.
PM: Massage at the somewhat seedy parlour in Toowong.
4:50am this morning: 2:40 on Cootha with Tymeka. Felt good to begin with so eschewed the water fountain at the lookout after a mere 25 minutes of running. Bad idea. Got to another bubbler after 2:00 and was completely tanked. Tymeka fared much the same.
Walked down to the shops and polished off 500ml of juice, 1l of milk and a bread stick in about ten minutes.

Either the reality that I'm no longer in West End hasn't yet sunk in, or I've just gotten over it pretty much immediately. However, my tendency to listen to sentimental music over the past two days suggests the former:

In other news, Warren sent me this image from the 10k at Rainbow Beach:

Well no wonder that felt like crap, my form was pretty poor - mainly the bent back and bum sticking out.

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