Thursday, November 10, 2011

Even warmer

PB'd the 2.3km back-end road climb in 12:02 yesterday, with Matt and Tymeka.
We then went down Jacksonia, which was disposed of at a decent pace (thank you Johanna's massage!) before coming back to the ridge via Kokoda. I was happy to, once again, run the whole of Kokoda up the middle of the track, as opposed to walking or taking the less-steep routes on its flanks. We then chilled our way down Powerful Owl (well, I was trying to run hard, but Matt and Tymeka were taking it easy), before returning to the Botanic Gardens. A very satisfying 13km with a touch over 400m of vert conducted at a decent pace, maybe a little too close to Sunday's race.

Caine encouraged me to do a lead climb at Kangaroo Point on Friday. It was awesome! Such a range of emotions experienced, mainly fear and intense focus.

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