Friday, November 4, 2011

King of the whinge

Moaning, bitching, whingeing; this activities seem to have taken a front seat to everything else recently.
I think it's time for a large dose of HTFU.

Was alighted to this fact on a Saturday morning run with Caine and Ben. I was complaining or the entirety of the first hour, until someone pulled me up on it, and I decided to pull my finger out. Still ran like a mentally deficient wombat for the rest of the outing, being shat out the back on every climb, and teased mercilessly on every downhill, but it feels good to remember that my problems are my own fault.

25km, 1200m gain, 2:30. A fantastic run that included a new trail and a little 20 minute dessert of bush bashing at the end. Caine pulled up with a calf blowout, hopefully it heals for next weekend, when he is likely to gain his first ever victory against me at the Rainbow Beach trail marathon.

This, after another great run on Thursday with Tymeka: 13km, 420m gain, 1:17. That followed four hours of sleep, but both of us still managed to pulverise a bunch of cyclists up the 2.3km back-end road climb of Brisbane's big hill (12:15 split for a solid tempo effort), before an all-running climb of the Kokoda trail (the name says it all).

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