Sunday, November 27, 2011


After a tumultuous (exciting, depressing, amazing, stressing) four months, it's back to Chapel Hill Road with Jed and the rest.

I'm sure I'll reflect on this more over the coming days but right now, two major differences between West End and Chapel Hill are hitting home.

In West End, I was constantly fluctuating between feeling 0% and feeling 100%; mentally, physically and emotionally. In Chapel Hill, I was consistently baselining somewhere between 40% and 60%.
While the former was exciting, it's not sustainable long-term.

The second difference is best described graphically:

West end;

Chapel Hill;

Unfortunately, this is all just rationalisation. Knowing it's for the best, I'm still pretty damned sad to be leaving.

In running news, I went for 2:15 on Cootha with James B this afternoon, and got completely railed up the Jacksonia climb. The fitness feels like it's there, I'm just so damn tired!

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