Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rainbow Beach contenders, coming from the pretender.

43km race up North this weekend, should be a cruisy/low-key antidote to the insanity and hype of GNW.

Cainus Warburtus has said that he'll be treating it as a training run but still expects a comfortable win. A calf issue is threatening to derail his plans for a fourth (correct me if I'm wrong) victory at an obscure, low-key trail event this year. Now has a 16:52 5km and a 4:36 mile to his name aswell. Yikes.
Big Trevor Allen is in the mix; expect him to go out hard, and with a solid 48 hour run as a base, finish strong. That is, if he isn't smashed from the 5km the day before.
This event will mark Kelvin Marshall's completion of every single possible, conceivable running event on the planet, with some awesome results to boot. The big question is, will he stray into the ocean over the sandblow, never to be seen again?
James Bamber talks himself down a fair bit, but is always up there. If he has a good day, and the three listed above don't, expect a big lift in self-esteem for this diminutive runner.
Alun Davies is coming off a fantastic result at the Glasshouse 100 and has finally gotten the better of a nasty injury. Seems to fare well when the going gets tough, as evidenced by some harrowing walk-ins at the 100 miler in previous years. Accordingly, watch out for this guy if there are temps in the 40s or a cyclone hits the North shore.
Zac B-S has a mouth much quicker than his legs. May be hampered by a couple of rolled ankles and has lacked form and mental toughness since a failed attempt at running 100 miles. However, some great vert has been gained recently. Is this the stage for SEQ ultrarunning's Paris Hilton to make a comback?
Or will some unknown quantity make their presence felt?

Tymeka for the win on the ladies side of things.

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