Saturday, November 5, 2011


A series of three classic Cootha runs from Thursday to Sunday was completed this morning, with a snailish climb of each of the three steepest Climbs on the Chapel Hill side of the mountain; Reservoir, Summit & Chapel Hill Road.

Before this, cycled for 45 to the Greenford Street trail head, and cruised some sweet MTB trails with Ivan. The big fella gave out some great tips on technique (watch the trail in general, not just the specific obstactles, push gently through the gears, etc...), and we found a new ridge near to Kokoda that I'll have to bushbash/run up sometime.

Wasn't sure of the decision to go for a jog afterwards, but you never are I guess. It seemed to be the right choice in the end, as I got a good 400m of running climb into the legs over 7.5km and 1:03. The pace was pedestrian, but it doesn't really matter when you're grinding up 40% grades.

The cycle home was even slower, but it was a good way to complete a fantastic session.

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