Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Triple: Warning Sign

My initial feelings towards Caine and Dave's planned triple ascent/descent of Mount Warning were apprehension and a belief in my inability to complete such a run.

Entering TNF100 and chatting to the boys about it has completely changed that.

Now I can't wait - what better way to celebrate your 20th birthday than by spending a long morning in the mountains with friends.

Will there be some jostling for position? Undoubtedly. The wise ones will stay out of it, but the young guns of the group are sure to get involved. I don't want to. But I always say that.

Ben Duffus' illustrious mountain running credentials (U20 Australian team) will cause him to rabbit ahead on the first road ascent.
Caine will greyhound him, and by the time we hit the stairs, he'll be nipping at the heels.
I'll bust my gut to stay on Caine's tail, but being the doberman that I am, will have some trouble keeping up. Jimmy B, Dave C and Dan N will lock in beside, and we'll have a great time together, rollicking boisterously uphill.

Jordan will be walking, with Delina and Tymeka ahead, trying to get him to run.

Unfortunately, Ben will get bitten by a brown snake on the scramble to the top, with Caine overtaking him due to his impressive lead-climbing skills. Being the trooper that he is, Duffus will complete the run, but fade through the pack considerably.

Not much will have changed to the start of the third climb, with Ben joining the 4-pack, and us gaining some time on Caine. Webster has gotten in on the fun, but must be disqualified due to his late start. By this time, Jordan is 74 minutes down on the leader and is suffering of heat/uphill exhaustion.

I glance across at Dave and suddenly his glorious beard is glowing. Is that a hiking pole in his hand?...Or is it a staff? The endurance wizard has shown his true colours and floats ahead effortlessly. So THAT's how he ran 161 in 16:45!

Dave gets to the top well ahead of the rest, and with the coast clear, cruises the descent at an easy pace. Just as the car park is coming into view, he catches a glimpse of a pair of boardshorts and a bandana rushing past. Was it the wind?

The answer is no. Jordan had been saving his fabled downhilling ability for the final descent. He pounds gloriously to the ford, turns around, and smiles at his friend some 400 metres behind.

I'm pretty sure it's just going to be a casual training run, but it's always fun to speculate.

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  1. Did you enter TNF100 Zac?

    Excellent new!

    Look forward to seeing you come down and race in my country.