Monday, November 7, 2011

Warm Lap

As opposed to a hot lap.

Ran the 10.5km and ~300m gain road loop of Cootha today after a 7km cycle and ten minutes of warming up the ankles in the shower. I somehow rolled both recently, and they're quite sore!

The effort was definitely there, but the speed wasn't - mainly due to smashed quads, tight hip flexors and general fatigue.
12:12 for the 2.3km climb made for an ever-so-slight improvement on last Thursday's effort.
After this was some odd, intense chest/neck pain, before I booted myself into a better pace near to the Channel Nine antenna.
A frustratingly slow descent followed the lookout (I think it's time to take up speed work!), but a massage this arvo should loosen out the legs so that I don't have any such problems come Sunday.
49:22 in the end, happy to nip under 50 minutes

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