Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mount Tickhell, group run, and the missing blog posts

Firstly, apologies to the SEQ trail geeks for the non-forth-coming report on the Mount Warning double/triple. I've lost my blogging mojo, but will be writing something up soon. Another thing on the to-do list is a crew report from C2K...

But on to more recent adventures. Yesterday, Vett and I headed to the Main Range for the first time, to climb Mount Mitchell. My predictions about the climb were wild misjugdments; the sketchy rock scrambling that I had expected to find was replaced by smooth single-track at a consistent 5% gradient.
Beginning in lush jungle, it continuously alternated between dry grassy bushland and thick rainforest as we climbed higher and higher. In little time, expansive views West towards Brisbane, and South towards Mount Barney were granted to us:

Other highlights were:

some really oddly shaped grasstrees;

The razorback ridge just behind the summit;

a tame lizard;

and some downhill running through a flourescent green rainforest;

The only lowlights were the noise of the Cunningham Highway and the ridiculous number of ticks which we had to flick off of ourselves/eachother. It would have amounted to 40 in total!

Follow that up this morning with a 2hr group run on Cootha with Ben, James, Matt, Dan and Johnathan, and you have one great outdoor weekend.

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