Monday, December 19, 2011

Nic Moloney's C2K: Some thoughts

I think I only have a few bullet points of interest on this one. After all, it's Nic's story.

1. Crewing is alot of fun. Driving for two minutes, waiting (eating, listening to music, kicking the footy) for 20-40, then handling drinks/food and copping abuse for one is alot more fun than it sounds.

2. The main man had some great spells, and some really horrible patches. He battled a bung knee for 90 kilometres. I do hesitate when writing that he "battled" this injury; there was no war between keep going and pull out, rather an unwavering undercurrent of "I can", or rather, "I will".

3. During the race, I discovered that determined women can pee standing up.

4. Following on from 2., the equation for Nic's successful C2K was as follows:
"I will" + 240km of road = He did.


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