Friday, December 30, 2011

Wrapping up 2011: the trail that made me what am today

On the final day of 2011, predictably, I went running on Mount Cootha.

As a salute to the motherland and an appropriate way of putting an end to a year that could only be described as ridiculous, this morning I ran on the trail that I've covered hundreds of times over the past twelve months.

And the logical cliche' which followed was a reminiscence on the other memorable times that I've run the said trail this year:
- During the floods, looking over my shoulder to see Brisbane submerged, shedding a tear;
- During June, deep into an epic training block when I was nearly thwarted in reaching the lookout due to devastating calf cramps;
- During August, on (what I thought was) my last day in Chapel Hill.

When I feel anything; upbeat, depressed, ecstatic, enraged, serene; I run on that trail. Bar the three months I spent living in the land of barefeet, yuppies and ironic beards (West End), I've always been able to put foot to dirt on that rarely-used mountain bike track to clear my head. And for that I am grateful.

Now, continuing with the cliche' theme, here's a list of the 11 most memorable experiences/periods/events of 2011, or better, the happenings which generated the most brain chemicals (positive,negative or both) this year:

11. The night before, and the post-grog-cycle - the worst I've ever felt while doing excercise

10. Winning a race - the circumstances were nonsensical, providing me with a great story to tell

9. the C2K roadtrip and experience - Good friends, music and conversation, helping someone to achieve a monumental goal, missing out on a fantasy

8. the 167km, 29.5hr week - Waking up exhausted; running, cycling, gymming, climbing; going to bed exhausted

7. 100% for two essays - Approaching the subject matter with conscience and passion, slaving over the details

6. Lost overnight on Mount Barney - High risk of injury/death, the loss of hope, coming out alive

5. DNFing Glasshouse 100 - Not accomplishing a goal, but running fearlessly despite poor physical form

4. Brisbane Floods - Destruction and chaos, the genesis of compassion and unity across the city

3. Flinders' Tour and the adventures leading up to it - The single most enjoyable day of my life, and the most action-packed five weeks of training

2. Expanding social life - Because it was well overdue

1. the West End triangle - loving with intensity and without compromise, allowing myself to decay in the vain hope that there would be a happy ending.

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  1. Only least it ranks above the two essays!