Saturday, February 4, 2012

Feeling it again...Tentatively

Now that my galavanting about the Eastern seabord has come to a temporary pause, I find myself in a decent daily rhythm. Touch wood.

I've been listening to some sweet leftist cuban music:

Among other latin grooves:

Playing guitar as often as possible;

Working 25-35 hours per week;

and running for around 90 minutes every day.

I type this with extreme caution lest I should jinx myself and be condemned to another four-month form slump, but I feel good. The hamstrings have softened their chiding groans, and the uphills have been more welcoming. I've been able to recover while climbing and use a variety of paces that have not been available to me for much too long. I still have a minor ankle issue that must be managed, but it is improving.

Here's to a positive final month of the holidays.

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