Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A multitude of adventures...but it's time to refocus

Since the road-trip, I've been back down South a couple of times for various reasons.

The first involved alot of swimming, bouldering and trail-running around dad's place in Mosman.

The second included more trail-running, hiking, and cliff-jumping (into water, obviously) in the Blue Mountains and the Berowra Valley.

A few observations from the two trips are as follows:
a) The area between the harbour bridge and Manly, in which my father resides, is perfect for someone who wishes to train monastically. The trails are sweet, the hills long, the beaches sheltered (for swimming), and the headlands rocky (for bouldering).
b) The Blue Mountains are the motherland. I have never seen more waterfalls, steeper stairs, or more perfect trails in one place in my short life. I will be spending alot more time in the area in the coming years.
c) Running (and eventually crawling) for 4.5 hours without food, a shirt, or water in the middle of the day in the middle of summer is not advisable. Luckily Nat was there; we absorbed eachother's misery and created a really positive experience from the rather stupid self-imposed circumstances.

But now, it's time to get back to business. The pesky hamstring tendonopathy has been sticking around without showing any sign of letting up.
Dave C very kindly offered his professional services over the phone; after that one call I now know what must be done to fix the issue. Thanks a million Dave.

Run more. Run more often. Strengthen glutes and core.

This translates to 60-120 minutes of running per day; with a set of pushups, chinups, core and glute excercises before and after each run. I'll also be stretching my hip flexors after sitting down for long periods, and massaging the hammies/lower back.

Get into it.

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