Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's time to get post-modern...with running.

With two large balls and an unhelpful cultural context, it's pretty easy to get carried away.

Runner A is better than me, runner B is worse. Runner C is close, but probably worse aswell.

It goes in ebbs and flows.

Before laying off, I was ebbing strongly in the direction of over-competitiveness. Every word of running-related chat was organised by the highly competitive sorting mechanism in my brain. It had developed a complex, ever-shifting rank of runners.

Look up to the quicker, look down on the slower.

It's time to flow back to the more relativistic conception of running that I had reached in June/July last year.

It's time to contextualise running speed.

Someone's pace and performance can only be judged in consideration of the following factors:
- Biomechanics,
- natural cardiovascular ability,
- time that they can devote to training,
- age,
- sex,
- weight,
- mental strength,
- number of years spent running,
- basically everything about them and their surroundings, and their entire personal history.

When you break it down, and consider someone's speed in the context of these factors, you can only reach one conclusion.
Everyone is different.
So no runner should be considered more or less impressive than any another.
So I can't rank myself above or below anyone else.

Because I consider myself a staunch postie, it would be hypocritical to believe anything else.

Summary for non-wankers:
It's time to stop being an over-competitive dickhead.

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