Monday, April 30, 2012

A Smart Man

One month down, one (or maybe two) to go.

After losing my mind for the first few weeks without running, I'm gradually returning to sanity. This can be largely attributed to: a) Nat and b) swimming.

Anyways, my morose post-modern student alter ego has been at the fore recently. The chilled out trail-runner has been marginalised.

So with that in mind, Eric Louw (a communication lecturer at UQ) knows alot:

"A first concern when trying to understand any communicative actor (and his/her discourses) is the context within which s/he produces discourse. Any attempt to analyse the role of communication within hegemony-building must necessarily start by locating the contextually-bound variables impacting upon the actors involved.
Essesntially, communication does not happen in a vacuum. Actors in the struggle for hegemony (and counter-hegemony), and their discourses and practices, are borne of a specific set of material, subjective, historical and demographic circumstances,and these circumstances are continually shifting.
Because human actions and ideas are not free-floating but rooted, any attempt to understand communication (and its residues) out of context will produce only a partial understanding. Mapping out the context as the first step helps to focus attention on the 'lived' details of human interaction, which necessarily adds richness. It also acts as an innoculation against 'idealism', and against seeing communicative products (e.g. a theory or idea) as 'universally' valid instead of as a particularistic construct, created in a specific time and place to deal with a specific set of circumstances."

(taken from his 2001 book "The Media and Cultural Production", published by Sage)

I'm trying to live by those last couple of sentences.

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