Monday, April 2, 2012


I was lying in bed on Friday night, mulling over life, the universe and everything else.
Caine and I had gone on a fantastic 90 minute run on Cootha that morning, which preceded a bit of sneaky recon on the pinnacles course.
Anyways, I was lying there, about to go to sleep, moving my legs around slightly, playing with my hamstrings. And then, bam, an epiphanic moment of clarity:
It isn't normal for me to feel pain every time I bend my leg, that's not the way things should be.
It's been five months since I've been on a pain-free run.
I haven't taken more than three continuous weeks off running since I started.

So, despite the imminent approach of Pinnacles and TNF100, I decided then and there that I needed two months off running to deal with the hamstring issue.
I'll do a bit of swimming and specific strengthening in that time, to kill the injury dead.
Once I had made the decision, I was content.

I'm actually giddily excited at the prospect of running pain-free upon my return.

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