Saturday, May 12, 2012

Why do I refuse to go to a physio?

Why do I refuse to go to a physio (or any health care professional) for an injury that has been persistent for the past 18 months? It's a question that I've been grappling with a fair bit recently.

Some possibilities:
 - I've seen many friends throw money at injuries to no avail (although there are many others for whom it's been successful).
- I'm confident in my body's capacity to heal itself.
- I (mis)place stock in my own ability to diagnose and treat my injuries.
- I subconsciously believe that I don't deserve treatment.

Above all, I think it's because I despise most forms of institutionalised, dogmatic and mainstream knowledge. They tend to be grounded in often-flawed cultural assumptions and provide reductive and narrow understandings of reality.

My choice may or may not be vindicated as I return to light jogging in the following few weeks. The initial signs are good...ish. I'm taking a measured, cautious approach for once - let's hope it works.

If not, off to the doc.

Edit: Was convinced that I'm being an idiot - appointment booked for Thursday morning at 11:15am.

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